Big Brother Australia 2020 (Season 12) Cast, host, and wiki!

Big Brother Australia 2020

After six years of gap, Big Brother Australia back with another season. The twelfth season of Big Brother Australia commencing someday in March 2020 with altered BB rules. Sonia Kruger is the host of BB Australia 2020. Sonia previously hosted Big Brother between 2012 and 2014, she even hosted the show while pregnant with her daughter, Maggie. 27

There Will Be No Public Voting in Big Brother Australia 2020

Due to the series being filmed prior to airing, rather than though out its broadcast, the public will no longer be determining who goes home. Instead, the contestants themselves will be voting each other out. This will mean the structure will be more similar to the show’s Canadian and American versions, where contestants are allowed to discuss who they are nominating and voting out.

Big Brother Australia 2020 Housemates

Big Brother Australia 2020’s start date is on 8 June 2020, the show will be airing on Channel Seven.

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